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We had a great time at our first Library Visit!  Miss Amanda always has great stories and a fun activity waiting for us. 
      Thank you Miss Amanda!

K News

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K News March 


       Home-School Projects – Class Books

The students did a wonderful job researching their artic animals.  We are looking forward to working in small groups writing a class book for each arctic animal we have researched.  In addition, we are creating an arctic display in our classroom.

           Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences are this month Wednesday March 14th from 6 to 8:15 and Thursday March 15th from 4 – 6:15.  A notice has been sent home in your child’s folder.  Please review the information and return the form in their folder if you are planning to attend a conference.  I will try to accommodate your request on a first come first serve basis.

                 Reading Bags After Conferences

As we will be discussing your child’s reading level during conferences, students will begin to take home reading bags with levelled books to be read at home.  The first bag will be sent home with the parent after conferences.   Some bags will include student made flash cards to help them master sight words.  If flash cards are included review these words before reading the book.  These will be books your child has read at school and are being sent home for repeated readings.  Fluency is developed by reading familiar stories.  These books will change as they master a book and are exposed to a new text in school.  Included in the bag is a small sticker chart, simply initial a square for each night the book is read our goal is to change them weekly.  Simply return the bag to the red communication folder each day.  I appreciate your support from home.    

Open House Was Fun!

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   It is hard to believe it is already October and we have been in school for 25 days.  Thanks to all who were able to come to the Open House night.  The students loved being the teacher for a night and I hope you got a glimpse into their day at school.  We will be sending home information regarding Parent/Teacher conferences soon.  They are scheduled for  November 8th 6-8:30 pm and November 9th 4-6:30 pm.    I am very proud of my class and I look forward to talking to each family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Your Friend,                                                                                         Mrs. Condry


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Dear Kindergarten Families,

My name is Mrs. Condry and I will be your child’s Kindergarten teacher this year. Teaching is my second career, I made the decision to leave underwriting and return to school when my own children were in preschool and Kindergarten.  My son and daughter, both educated in Middleborough, have now graduated from college.

I love teaching kindergarten and I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year with your child.  My mission as a teacher is to help children discover the joy of learning, and to help each child develop a strong belief in his or her own ability.  The learning process involves encountering problems and learning how to solve them.  Your child will be learning to utilize strategies to problem solve in academic as well as social situations to become independent problem solvers.  I want them to have a sense of pride in doing their personal best.

 As young learners they will be experiencing the curriculum through a variety of hands on centers with small group experiences.  Our day schedule will include whole group activities, teacher directed small groups and independent small group centers.  Throughout the week we will collaborate with Mrs. Lord’s class for science hands on activities and with Mrs. Palmer-Laine’s class for weekly vocabulary lessons.  Monthly visits to the Middleboro public library will be scheduled beginning in September.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at school with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Condry, M Ed.
Memorial Early Childhood Center


Thank you for visiting Classroom 226 at the MECC with Mrs. Condry. Please check back soon for updates.